Our HR vision

Sylvie Brisson, Club Méditerranée's Human Resources manager

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Hello and welcome to Clubmedjobs.

My achievement, with human resources teams of Club Med, is to recruit and grow talent.

It's exciting, it's a real responsibility for us all. So if your ambition is to go beyond the borders of your profession for a unique experience, you are definitely in the right place, because, being a GO, Gracious Organizer or GE, Gracious Employee at Club Med in one of our 80 resorts around the world, in one of the 100 jobs we offer is more than just work.
It is a lifestyle and lifetime experience, with great opportunities and happiness to explore.

You will be in contact with our customers coming from the 4 corners of the world and a multicultural team of Club Med. It is a chance to expand in the course of your trade, and enhance your skills and finally, this is a fundamental point for us, as it is also for you to reveal the happiness at the human level, by fully expressing who you are, your personality, and your talents.

Club Med, a school of life, a training school, an eye-opener for anyone who wants to feel emotions, happiness, be professional and live a human adventure.
That is what we offer if you join us, moments of life, rare, stimulants, in a professional and festive environment.


Sylvie Brisson, Club Méditerranée's Human Resources manager