Advantages questions

Is it compulsory to speak a foreign language?

It all depends on the profession you are applying for. In all cases, speaking a foreign language (especially French) is always a quality that we appreciate.

What is a G.O?
How to apply at Club Med?

Applications posted on our recruitment website are processed in priority by our pre-selection department. We therefore advise you to apply via www.clubmedjobs-egypt.com.

What is a G.E ?
Can I choose the village I want to work in?

Our Human Resources managers decide on the village to which you are assigned, depending on available positions and your skills (professional experience, foreign languages, qualifications, etc.)

What is a G.M ?
May I be assigned to the same village as a friend?

Our applications are processed individually. Our teams are brought together according to available positions in each village. We cannot therefore guarantee that you will be assigned with a friend.

What is a village?
May I travel to the village with my own vehicle?

If you wish, you may travel to the village using your own means. You will be refunded on presentation of justifying documents and on the basis of the price of a second class train or bus ticket.

What is a Trident ?

The Trident symbolises a village's level of service. We have 3 levels of service, depending on the comfort and services provided: 3, 4 or 5 Tridents. Trident is also the name of the Club Med catalogue which brings together all information concerning villages.

Is a passport compulsory?

For G.Es assigned to Egypt, a passport is not compulsory. However, for G.Os who may be assigned abroad, it is recommended to have a passport as it will depend on your status and country of assignment.

Are travel expenses to and from the village refunded?

We pay for travel costs from your home to the destination village (subject to terms communicated with the assignment).

Do I need to bring my own professional equipment?

Professional equipment such as knife sets or sports equipment is available to you at the village.

Are travel expenses to and from the recruitment session refunded?

Travel expenses to and from the recruitment sessions are paid by the candidate.

Do I need to bring my own bed linen and towels?

We supply and wash all bed linen and towels.

What is my accommodation like in the village?

Often, our employees are housed in double or triple rooms. In some villages, when the structure allows it, G.Os and G.Es can be housed alone.

Am I able to go home during the contract period?

Our G.Os and G.Es are free to travel wherever they want during their weekly day off. If the distance allows it, you can spend your day resting at home. However, we cannot pay for your travel costs to and from your home during the season.

What about cleaning of my accommodation?

The cleaning staff does the housework in your room once a week. You are however required to keep your room clean throughout the season.

Where can I get the list of evening themes?

Once you have been recruited, the administrative department will communicate the list of themes most frequently used in the village.

What reductions may I be offered?

Our GOs may benefit from personal reductions on the Boutique, Discovery and Spa in the village.

May I bring my family with me to the village?

We house our teams in our villages but cannot accommodate the families of our employees in our workplaces.

How should I dress in the village?

During the day, you should wear your GO outfit or, if required by your job, your professional outfit. In the evening, the GO team, as well as customers, are invited to wear the evening's theme dress.

May I invite friends and family to the village ?

For all invitations to the village, the GO should obtain prior approval from the village manager. With this invitation, and depending on availability in the village, a reduction on the full-board (excluding transport) may be granted to the GO.

Do I need to pay for my accommodation?

Accommodation is paid for by Club Med for G.Os and G.Es.

Are work outfits laundered?

Unless your job requires it, you are required to wash your clothing yourself, whether professional or personal. All our villages are equipped with washing machines, driers and irons.

May I benefit from preferential rates on skiing equipment or passes when I work in a winter resort?

Skiing equipment is loaned according to availability. You also benefit from a major reduction on the season's ski pass.

Can I have a pet in the village?

Pets are unfortunately not allowed in our holiday villages.

Do I need to pay for drinks at the bar?

Our G.Os may be served soft drinks free of charge (soda, fruit juice, coffee, tea, etc.). Alcoholic drinks must be paid for and drunk in moderation.

Can I connect to the internet in the village?

Not all of our villages have wifi installation. It therefore depends on your assignment.

Are sports available to me in the village?

All our G.Os, during their time off, can take advantage of the village's sports facilities. However, they should always give priority to customers. Sports equipment is loaned free of charge, according to availability.

How long do I need to be available?

The season varies between 3 and 8 months, depending on the village. However, some of our child supervision jobs are available for shorter periods, in particular the summer holidays.

Do I need to pay for meals?

Meals are paid for by Club Med for G.Os and G.Es.


Can I choose the country I want to work in?

If you want to work in a specific country, you can apply to the HR manager of the office in the relevant country.

What are Crazy Signs ?

They are very special moments, specific to Club Med, when GOs come together to share the village's traditional dances with GMs.

How many villages exist in Egypt ?

Club Med is established in Egypt since 1969 and now runs three resorts i.e. Bella Donna in Luxor, El Gouna in Hurghada and Sinai Bay (inaugurated in November 2010) in Taba.